10 Critical Child Abduction Defense And Prevention Tips

As a parent, you hope that nothing bad ever happens to your children. However, as population growth continues in prisons and neighborhoods see the increased presence of convicted child molesters, it has become even more important for parents to arm themselves and their children with skills to defend themselves. Experts recommend practicing defensive techniques with your children. If you do not feel comfortable practicing self-defense tips, local police agencies often have free courses to teach self-defense and survival techniques. These 10 simple tips can help to empower your children if an abduction occurs.

  1. Enroll yourself and your child in a basic self-defense course. Local law enforcement officials typically have courses they can recommend.
  2. Practice grabbing your child from behind as if you were a potential abductor. If your child is grabbed teach them to drop down, twist their body away from their would-be abductor, and scream.
  3. Practice grabbing your child by the wrist. Show them how to pull down and twist the attacker’s thumb to break the hold. They should yell, scream and make as much noise as possible.
  4. If your child is grabbed in a store, they should scream, try to run, knock things off shelves, fight and struggle as much as possible.
  5. If someone grabs them outside, they should run to the nearest safe place and call 911.
  6. If someone grabs them or takes them to a parking garage, they should run away between cars and try to set off the car alarms by kicking, knocking against cars or pulling on door handles.
  7. Show your child that if locked in a car trunk they can kick out back lights for air and stick hands out of holes for help. They should scream, pull out wires and do anything they can to get someone outside the car to notice them.
  8. If your child is grabbed and put into a car, show that the front doors are usually locked. Tell them to climb into the back seat so they can open a back door and escape. Show them where the wires are on the front floor and how to pull as many out as possible. Teach them to honk the horn and scream as loudly as they can. When the car stops, they should also be instructed to slam a foot on top of the kidnapper’s foot on the gas to ram the car in front of them.
  9. Instruct your child that if they are taken to a house or apartment they should test every window and door in the house to see if any are unlocked and turn room lights off and on to alert neighbors. Show them how to clog toilets with towels to flood the apartment below.
  10. Teach your children to NEVER go anywhere with someone they do not know. Instruct them be as loud as possible, even if their abductor threatens to hurt them. Teach them to fight for their life because it could save theirs.

Any and all advice contained herein is intended only to assist parents and families prevent abduction of children. For more tips and advice, contact your local law enforcement or FBI office.

About The National Academy for Child Abduction Prevention Associates, LLC:

Founded in 2013 by Roy M. Doppelt, Esq., the National Academy for Child Abduction and Prevention Associates, LLC is an Academy of family law attorneys advocating prevention of child abduction through public education and professional collaboration. We believe that educating the public about kidnapping and its prevention is a paramount duty of attorneys who represent family law clients.

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