6 Important Actions to Take If You Suspect Your Child Is In Danger Of Being Abducted

1: Have Your Child Fingerprinted.

Take your child to your local police station and get them fingerprinted. This could help locate your child in the event that they actually end up abducted. You can receive a copy of the fingerprint card. Experts recommend that you do not keep this in your house or any other area where a suspected abductor could have access.

2: Take Regular Photographs of Your Child.

Having access to pictures of your child could be helpful if your child ever is abducted. Keep a file with important information about your child including; current height, weight, clothing and their current pictures.

3: Talk to Your Child’s School, Daycare, Babysitters and Other Providers of Service.

Be sure to provide a certified copy of your child custody decree to child’s school and other care givers. Speak to them candidly about your concerns of the risk for abduction. Let them know that they should never allow your child to leave the property with anyone besides you. If you have one, give them a photograph or description of the possible abductor. Be sure to also instruct the school administration to never release your child’s records to anyone without written authorization.

4: Show Your Kids How to Use the Telephone.

Be sure your kids know how to spell their full name and how to use a cell phone and a regular telephone. Help your children memorize their home telephone number. Take time to practice with them about how to call the operator and make collect calls. Also teach them to dial “0” for an operator or “911” in an emergency.

5: Introduce Your Children to Police Officers and Other Officials They Can Go To If They Need Help.

Take the time to let your children meet law enforcement officials that can help them if they are ever in trouble. Go to the airport or other public places and practice helping them find officials that can assist them if they ever need it.

6: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice these tips and advice with your children and refresh their memories about the dangers of child abduction. Make sure they are comfortable and confident about seeking help if they are ever afraid or unsure about situations.

For more information about how to prevent a child abduction, contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: Missing Children’s Division International Team at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Any and all advice contained herein is intended only to assist parents and families to prevent abduction of children. If you have more questions or would like more tips and advice, contact your local law enforcement or FBI office.

About The National Academy for Child Abduction Prevention Associates, LLC:

Founded in 2013 by Roy M. Doppelt, Esq., the National Academy for Child Abduction and Prevention Associates, LLC is an Academy of family law attorneys advocating prevention of child abduction through public education and professional collaboration. We believe that educating the public about kidnapping and its prevention is a paramount duty of attorneys who represent family law clients.

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