Critical First Actions To Take If Your Child Is Missing And An Abduction Is Suspected

Critical First Actions To Take If Your Child Is Missing And An Abduction Is Suspected

1: Immediately Notify Law Enforcement Officials.

If your child is missing, there is no required waiting period for contacting police. If you suspect that a potential abductor has threatened you, your child, or your family in any way, do be afraid to immediately notify your local police. Tell them about your concerns and give them the name and description of the person you suspect has abducted you child. If you have a picture (of your child or the abductor), provide that as well.

2: Keep A File With Updated and Accurate Information About Your Child.

Keep a file with all information about your child. The full description of your child including hair and eye color, height, weight, and date of birth should also be included in case police or media needs information. Descriptions of your child’s clothing, shoes and backpack should also be included if taken with the child. Be sure these files are kept in an area where the suspected abductor cannot take them.

3: Put A Notice in Your Child’s Medical Records And School Records.

Instruct the doctor’s office and your child’s school not to release any records about your child to any unauthorized sources. Tell them to contact you immediately if someone tries to access these records.

4: Get Local And National Media Involved.

Contact your local news and any national press that might want to get involved in your case. This is particularly important if you suspect your child had been taken across state lines or out of the country. Local police should be kept abreast of any media contact and coverage to be sure critical details are included and confidential ones are kept private.

5: Keep a Journal.

Record any and all events about your child as they happen. Record all information that you remember from the days leading up to the abduction. Write down names, suspicious people, cars and other information. Small details may prove to be important later or your memory may fade if you do not write facts down right away. Provide a copy of this to the police officer who is assigned to your case.

For more information about child abduction, contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, your local law enforcement or FBI office.
Any and all advice contained herein is intended only to assist parents and families with abduction of children. Nothing suggested in this article should substitute for common sense, police direction or other professional advice.

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